Jess Hendricks

composer | performer | software engineer


Jess Hendricks is an award-winning composer, electric bassist, pianist, and freelance software engineer based in New England.


Jess Hendricks has worked on several projects for various platforms such as iOS, Mac OS X, and web platforms. He has experience in Swift, Objective-C, Java, C, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


Jess Hendricks' catalog includes a diverse and extensive body of works for many different ensembles, settings, and media. Click the 'Music' link to get more information and listen to some audio from my SoundCloud!.


Completed Projects

PitchSetCalc 1.0.0 for iOS 7 and up (iPhone and iPad):

PitchSetCalc is a tool for music student and theorists that will help with the analysis of music using Set Theory. This app has a simple interface and works on both iPhone and iPad with iOS 7.1 and up.

To enter in a new pitch class set, the user simply touches the pitches on the pitch wheel. As the pitches are entered, the app will calculate normal order, prime form, Forte number, and the interval class vector. The pitch wheel will display the pitches using sharps or flats. When the pitches are entered, each one will sound to give the user an idea of how the pitch class set sounds. There is also a playback function which will play the set as either a scale or simultaneity.

Download from iTunes

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Music Lesson Planner

Music Lesson Planner was a group project for CS-320 Software Engineering at UMass.

It is a simple web app that enables music teachers to schedule lessons and keep track of student records. It also informs them what lessons they have upcoming.

Created using Bootstrap, AngularJS, Express, NodeJS, and SQLite.

Permutation Probability Calculator

Permutation Probability Calculator was an extra credit programming assignment for CS-240, Reasoning Under Uncertainty.

It runs multiple tests on a set and display the number of possible permutations, average number of collisions, and average probability that a collision does not occur.

Programmed in Xcode using the Swift Programming Language.


The Ruination of Atlantis is available for purchase and download on iTunes and Amazon. Jess Hendricks

Album: The Ruination of Atlantis: A Ballet for Virtual Orchestra
Available on iTunes, Amazon, and CDBaby.

Selected Audio Tracks


Jess at Look Park

Jess Hendricks (1972) is a composer, theorist, and software engineer based in New England. His compositions have been described as “exhilarating” and “fun to play.” Along with composition, he is an avid performer on the electric bass, which he composes music for as well. He recently completed a one year Emergency position as Assistant Professor of music at Central Connecticut State University where he taught Music Theory and Technology courses and managed the computer lab. Dr. Hendricks is currently working towards a second Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, which will be complete in the spring of 2016.

Dr. Hendricks studied composition with several esteemed composers including Dr. Charles W. Smith at Western Kentucky University and Dr. Ken Jacobs at the University of Tennessee. He received his Doctorate in Music Composition at the University of Miami while studying with Dr. Dennis Kam, Dr. Lansing McLoskey, and Dr. Ferdinando DeSena. While he was in Coral Gables, Dr. Hendricks rediscovered his love for electroacoustic and electronic music and began composing pieces for various media and performers. He also actively composed music for the new music ensemble conducted by Dr. Kam, the “Other Music Ensemble,” that received several performances during his time there. The highlight of these performances was the premiere of Three Perspectives for Chamber Ensemble in 2009 that was conducted by the composer.

In 2010 Jess Hendricks completed a commission for a new work for bassoon that was premiered by his lifelong friend, Dr. Jefferson Campbell that was funded by the McKnight Foundation’s Imagine Grant. The resulting composition, Concertino for Bassoon and Electronic Playback was consequently performed in Miami, San Francisco, Duluth, and Winston-Salem. In addition it was later presented as part of Dr. Campbell’s “21st Century Bassoon: New Music That’s Fun To Play” concert that took place at Symphony Space in New York City in January of 2012. Dr. Hendricks just completed work on his latest commission, Orpheus, for bassoon, piano, marimba, electronics, and video.

Recent performances of works include a performance of Memento for solo violin by Christa Muller Hendricks and A Short Drive Through the Berkshires during the Firebrand Concert Series. The Concertino was performed by Jefferson Campbell again at the CMS Regional Conference in Denver, Colorado on March 23, 2013, and will be performed again in Japan in 2015.

When Jess Hendricks is not teaching, he is working on music for performance by himself and his wife, Christa Muller Hendricks, who plays the violin. He is also engaged in freelance software development. His pitch-set theory calculator, PitchSetCalc, is available on the iTunes app store and he is currently completing a music lesson planning application that will be available in the fall of 2015.


I have scores to all of my music available for purchase and rental.
(Coming soon: buy or rent scores from this website)


Inquiries regarding music scores, software applications, and performances are welcome.